Dual USB Car Charger 3.1Amp 15.5W – 1.0&2.1A Universal Ports, Smart Power Supply For iPods, iPhones, Cell Phones & Tablet, Android Devices, Portable Cigarette Lighter Plug, Mobile Travel Charging Station 12V Input

Don’t Get Caught Short with a Tablet or Smartphone that’s Tapped Out! Vority Fast & Smart Duo31CC Cell Phones & Tablets Car Charger Keeps You on Time, on Track and Fully Charged. You need a car charger that keeps all your devices working when you are. Duo31CC is reliable & won’t let you down when

Don’t Get Caught Short with a Tablet or Smartphone that’s Tapped Out!

Vority Fast & Smart Duo31CC Cell Phones & Tablets Car Charger Keeps You on Time, on Track and Fully Charged. You need a car charger that keeps all your devices working when you are. Duo31CC is reliable & won’t let you down when you need to recharge in a hurry.

Vority Duo 31CC is as Smart as it is Fast:

– Automatic stops charging when there is danger of overcharging or lower/over voltage.

– Charges both your tablet and mobile phone simultaneously, at full speed!

– Made from fire proof & vibration reliability components for durable and the secure transfer of continuous power to your device from the cigarette lighter plug.

– No affect to Radio, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi!

The energy-saving & safety features on the Duo31CC are designed to insure rapid charging and automatically so that your devices are protected from potential damage. No worries about overheating or overcharging your costly devices!

– Duo31CC even works in extreme cold and hot temperature inside your car!

– It’s a clean green charger, complies with the RoHS!

– The stylish Duo31CC’s streamlined, lightweight, and compact design makes it highly portable and easy to store in your car, handbag or luggage.

What’s in the box?

Vority Duo31CC – Dual USB Car Charger. Two-years limited warranty.

Are you ready to hit the road running without slamming into excess down-time spent charging your devices? Make sure that your charger are all smooth and speedy by taking the Duo31CC along as your hard-charging roadside companion!

Product Features

  • Safely protect devices and charger from overheated. LED only light up when charger in good working condition: input voltage is in working range 10.5V-18V, automatically stops working when over current or over voltage is detected, switch to minimal charging current when battery is full. With the high charging efficiency of over 85%, the charger itself never get hot.
  • Vibration and shock reliability of the electronics component and contact spring mechanics stay firmly in the cigarette lighter plug & provide continuous power on-the-go. Easy fit and remove with stylish pull-tab, compact mini design & ultra light weight. Duo31CC is a robust & durable car charger, ultra low electronics noise offering the luxury level of comfort inside the cabin.
  • Working in wide temperature range: -4 Deg F to 122 Deg F (-20 Deg C to +50 Deg C), 5% to 90% Relative Humidity with full normal operation. High quality fire proof material & anti-oxidation aluminum pull tab. No radio loss in your car or effect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices; CE, FCC & RoHS certificates.
  • Fast charging tablet and phone simultaneously, optimal performance when plug iPad or Tablet to 2.1 Amp port & iPhone or other phone to 1.0 Amp port. Smart charge at maximum speed limited by devices or USB ports; never have to worry about which port for which device. Universal USB ports compatible with all Apple, Android, Kindle… and many others. Tested compatible models: iPad 2/3 /4, iPhone 3/4/4S/5, iPod. Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note/S, Nokia Lumia, LG Esteem, Kindle Fire HD… Not Compatible with: Nook Tablet
  • Input Voltage: DC 10.5 V-18 V (12 V-18 V Battery), Direct Cigarette Lighter Connection. Output: Min 5.0 V Max 5.3 V, Full Rated 3.1 Amp (2.1 + 1 Amp USB Port) 15.5 W, Ripple & Noise Max 150 mVp-p. Dimensions & weight: 1 inch diameter x 2.24 inches length (25 mm x 57 mm), approx. 0.78 ounce (22 grams) net weight. Packing: 2 inches x 2 inches x 3 inches (50 mm x 50 mm x 75 mm), approx. 1.27 ounce (36 grams) gross weight.
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RHL says:

High Quality Power Supply for iPod, iPad and other USB-powered devices A nice, high-quality charger, is unit will power 2 devices simultaneously and at different current levels. The 2.1 amp port is designed for devices that require more current (like tablets), while the 1.0 amp port is perfect for phones, iPods and other smaller devices.The unit is well constructed, lightweight, and fits right into the 12v outlet in my truck. It’s great for charging 2 devices at once, and is small enough that I can leave it in the socket without it being an…

Irv. L says:

Small, compact & useful! My old usb car charger need replacement and I’m glad I found this product.It’s small, compact and charges my phone & Ipad very fast compare to my old charger.I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for usb car charger.

WordyGirl says:

Better than I expected I’ve gotten a few accessories for my iPhone and iPad from Amazon because sometimes they are usually somewhat cheap looking in feel and packaging. I was actually surprised when this arrived and it looked like something from the Apple store at the mall where I rarely shop cause everything is so expensive. I love how this charger is so compact and sleek and also has two ports. At first I was worried that I couldn’t use the iPad port for my iPhone but it says the iPhone can use both so that’s…

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